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Jay Schadler



Jay has the eyes of a journalist and the heart of a storyteller” Oprah Winfrey

KEYNOTE SPEAKER Jay Schadler is a two-time  Emmy Award-winning journalist, artist and world traveler. His  KEYNOTE SPEECHES are alive with stories from the road and lessons for the heart.

For three decades, as a correspondent and anchor for ABC News—Jay reported across the globe for 20/20 , Good Morning America, Nightline and World News Tonight.

His unique brand of storytelling have also been featured on National Geographic TV, Discovery and Bravo.

Jay’s taken his audiences to Egypt’s Great Pyramids and returned to the Titanic with legendary explorer Bob Ballard. 

And in a series of  groundbreaking specials Jay  hitchhiked 20,000 miles across the back roads of America to tell the stories of everyday people.

NOW Jay’s KEYNOTE SPEECHES  bring his stories and insights back to you—while reminding us all that the most daring voyages are still those we must take inside ourselves.


Jay’s candid and captivating Keynotes illuminate the often tricky path we all travel as we try to balance work, life and change.  Both risks and rewards await us whenever we move from one significant stage of our life to another; from who we have been to who we might yet be