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Jay Schadler

Jay Schadler is a two-time Emmy Award winning journalist, artist and keynote speaker.


For more than three decades—as a correspondent and anchor–he traveled the world reporting stories for ABC News (20/20, Good Morning America, Nightline) plus National Geographic TV and others  He’s tracked tigers in India and hunted for the source of the Ebola virus in the rainforests of Africa. He returned to the Titanic with explorer Bob Ballard and hitchhiked 20,000 miles across America’s back roads. In the words of Oprah Winfrey, “Jay has the eyes of a journalist and the heart of a storyteller.”


Jay’s artwork—found in both private collections and commercial establishments– is a natural expression of a global traveler who has seen both the grit and greatness of life.  “Despite all the evidence to the contrary, I remain largely an optimist about human nature. Much of my art reflects that hopefulness.  Though many of my pieces begin with photography, I often add layers of pastels, paint, and graphic arts. Truth is, I rarely know where I’m going until I get there. Afterall, the deeper we look into reality the more mystery there is to see.”

Ketnote Speaker

Drawing on his world travels and artwork, Jay has begun delivering keynote speeches.  In an extraordinarily candid talk, weaving stories from the road with notes on his own struggles with depression, Jay illuminates the path we all must travel whenever we move from one stage of our life to another; from who we have been to who we might yet be.  For information on “Navigating Life’s Transitions: A Traveler’s Tale” go to